Tim’s Biography


The rich blending of lives, the landscapes and the times we live in: these elements are all woven together through Tim Lawson’s music creating sounds that lift the spirit and extend the mind.

Tim Lawson was born in London, Ontario in 1953 with a love of music. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 10, thrilled by the new Beatles music that was sweeping the world. During his school years he played music with friends, and began developing rich vocal sounds that were enhanced by Yoga training and singing in choirs. Music influences such as Shawn Phillips, James Taylor, Crosby Stills Nash and Young provided Tim with deep inspiration, while Canadian artists like Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell taught him the value of this country’s musical heritage.


It was in 1985 when Tim met Canadian war hero, Sir William Stephenson, in Bermuda, that Tim decided to focus and put his message of peace, harmony, and hope for the future to music. Tim said, “Sir William showed me that an individual can make a difference.”

The turning point in Tim’s career came 5 years later. He set out to write a song about a very profound personal experience, “I ended up proving to myself that is was possible to express my feelings through music – feelings that I could never put into words.”

It was at this point in 1994 that Tim began to work on his lifelong dream. This began with a state of the art recording studio on his farm in Langley, BC. Here his passion for music would culminate into his debut album The Quiet Canadian an incredible tapestry of sound. The songs on the album are rich in texture and range in subject from the inspiring thoughts of his person friend, Sir William Stephenson, to Spirit Song of the First Nations, to romantic west coast images in “Falling Water”.

Tim Lawson’s dream is coming true, as his unique blend of music is growing in popularity, reaching out to audiences everywhere and touching them with sounds that are truly unforgettable.

You are invited to share the music, message, and hope.